Friday, August 8, 2014

Hear the Smile

Hear the Smile


Take a moment to think about this statement “in everything we do, we are communicating something to someone.” Considering the validity of that statement and the research that shows somewhere between 85 and 93 percent of all communication is non-verbal, what are we communicating?

Since communication is the catalyst for our ideas, theories, interpersonal relationships, and the very basis of our quality of life; and 80 plus percent is non-verbal, then it is entirely possible we are communicating opposite of what we want or intend to.

Our expressions can promote, anger, joy, puzzlement, or agreement. The clothing we wear can “say” I am a brash, no holds barred individual or a French cuff could “say” I am smooth and sophisticated. The cars we drive and how we drive them, the music we listen to or even the movies and books we talk about communicates who we are. How aware are we of the effects of our communicating and how can this be used to our advantage? It is possible a smile or positive body language can help turn a new prospect into a new client, it is a good, strong, and positive step in any sales process.

A professional salesperson/manager is a master of human behavior and communication. The professional is prepared, engaged, and focused, they know their client and how best to communicate to them.  They know how to mirror their client’s body language, speech, and tonal patterns. A masterful sales person is creating an environment through multiple avenues of communication, which encourages bonding and rapport with the client. People buy from people they like and they buy more than once.

The better we communicate, the more successful we will be, this is a proven fact. Ronald Regan our 40th president was both beloved and feared (by his enemies), he was often referred to as the great communicator. Ask yourself today, how well do I communicate? Am I a one faceted communicator? Can you create the impression that you need to, for success in today’s environment?

You are the only one that crafts the impression you deliver!