Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hot Fun In the Summer Time!!!!

Summer Time

Can anyone remember the Texas summer of 1980? We had 42 straight days of temperatures over 100 degrees and over 1250 people lost their lives that year due to heat related situations. I was commuting between Denton and Mesquite on a daily basis watching car after car overheating on the side of the road. And what about the supposed gasoline shortage and the ridiculous lines just to purchase gas, well that is hard to imagine now with the outdoor temperatures well below freezing and a forecast of 9 degrees for a low in parts of the DFW metro-plex tonight.

Summer is coming and we will endure heat waves, cold waves, high winds, low winds, and no winds, and so will our pets and plants…so today….. give that pet or plant just a smidge of TLC they will be so grateful.

Remember when we were kids …….. WE

• spent most of the summer barefoot,

• drank water right out of the water hose

• Caught fireflies and put them into clear mason jars at night for light   

• Drank sweet ice tea from these same mason jars the next day

• Thought a pair of 7 dollar PF Flyers tennis shoes were the coolest thing ever

• Went on picnics with fried chicken…… actually fried at home

• Going out to eat was a rare treat and not something owed to us

• Dairy Queen food was the best food in the world

• Knew the smell of new pencils, crayons, elmer's glue, and new jeans meant the end of summer

Summer is coming and we will make it through the winter......Yea!!!!

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