Saturday, February 3, 2018

10 Things to do for Your Yard In February

10 Spring Landscaping Tips from Ralph Edge

With winter close to being gone, anyone who hasn’t already done your landscaping for Spring should act quickly to do so. We have put together a list of the Top 10 Landscaping Tips for Dallas landscapes to help you prepare, yet these are time sensitive, so act quickly.

Top 10 Landscaping Tips for Dallas and the Surrounding Area:

1.Use dormant oil for scale until buds pop

This should be done soon as it will burn the plant once it gets too hot.

2.Spray roses for black spot and leaf mildew

Both are prevalent during cooler weather and high humidity, so do so now.

3.Prune or cut back liriope, mondo, “monkey grass”

These are ground covers that come out of winter looking ragged and need a nice haircut. Dallas area property owners are sometimes amazed at how a nice pruning is often the best landscaping tip for their Dallas landscapes.

4.Trim summer bloomers (crepe myrtles, lantana, and other)

Plants that bloom in summer have yet to set their buds, so trim them now. DO NOT, however, trim the Spring bloomers. It is too late for Spring bloomers.

5.It is a good time to fertilize Rye and Fescue

Both are cool season grasses and now is the time for fertilizing them. Do not fertilize dormant grasses (brown grasses) as this just encourages weed growth which is not good for your lawn.

6.Check your sprinkler system (on a warm day)

Seriously, wait until its a warm day so that you do not rush. Take your time to review every sprinkler head. Enjoy the weather. Look for leaks in your sprinkler systems. Look for sprinkler heads that do not pop up all the way. Watch for sprinkler stations or zones that are not coming on.

7.Veggie starts if you have not done so…Onions, Potatoes, Strawberries

You are almost late on this landscaping tip, so do so quickly. Strawberries are really starting to kick in right now.

8.Excellent time to mulch and prepare for Spring (bed cleaning is always fun)

For landscaping your beds, make sure to clean them first. Don’t just throw mulch on top of the beds as this is not good for them at all. Turn the soil to get more air flowing through the soil.

9.Clean your mower and take care of your blade

Prior to using your mower for landscaping thoughts, make sure to get any caked on grass cleaned off and sharpen or replace your blade. Not cleaning your mower and sharpening your blade can promote disease growth.

10.Clean all your tools and spray with a 1 to 10 solution of bleach, let dry, and then coat with WD-40

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