Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Knock-Out.....Rose that is

The Knock-Out Rose

Well as you can see from the date stamp, I just took this picture. Amazing how beautiful and prolific these roses have become this year, considering they received absolutely no attention the past several months. Well I should qualify that statement, no human attention. My four large dogs have busted through them at least twice daily chasing rabbits and other dreaded varmints and they are a favorite "watering" post for the male dogs. And yet they still present us with a fantastic spring color show.

Usually in the winter I prune them back by any where from a third to two thirds of the height,  trim all the dead canes out, strip the leaves and spray with dormant oil. This year with the broken leg I had in early February, I have done nothing to the yard at all. Oh well, it gives the rabbits a new hiding place.
If  I was going to recommend a plant for a new gardener it would be the knock out sure success story, for the gardener and the garden.

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