Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Your on the Border...Texas Style

Border Plants

I know everyone will be thinking these are plants from the wild borders of Texas, Not so Mr. Bill, we are talking about landscape decisions. Border plants create divisions within beds,  around walkways , swimming pools and just about everything you could think of or want to think of.  Border plantings should be low, you want them low so the folks can see the other plants behind them......you don't want your border plants stealing all the thunder.

These plants can offer color, texture, and divisions of height within a bed, it is all about directing the eye to the natural flow of the landscape. What budding landscaper's want is for the line of sight to flow upward directing the eye to the back of the bed and eventually the structure that the bed is emphasizing.....like your beautiful house.....you know curb appeal and all that. Here are some of my favorite border plants:





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