Monday, January 17, 2011

The Urban Adventure

What is the definition of an Urban Adventure??? Well fun in and around the city. You know sometimes you just need to get away from it all and you can do that right in the middle of it all!! So in the upcoming weeks I will be sharing with you about how to have an urban adventure. Hey.. we can do pictures and everything....and the best part is you don't have to spend an "arm and a leg." As a matter of fact you do not have to give up any body parts for this adventure........

Sometimes the adventure can be the quest for a particular item or maybe just a series of stops that lead to ...... no where in particular. I remember one "day-off" I packed up my lovely wife Debbie and off we we went in search of a hand lens used to identify small bugs.......(in my pursuit of being a junior entomologist). We must have visited 7 or 8 stores asking the question..."Uhm do you stock a hand lens with which to view bugs?" The looks we received were priceless ( I should have never gone into Victoria's Secret, but who knew they might have stocked a hand lens). After a while it became a game or a vision quest (no pun intended) to find that elusive hand lens...I mean after all I had bugs to identify...this was serious business.

We had a "flavored coffee" at one bookstore, where I found a classic volume on perennials. Our next stop yielded my wife a colorful Bohemian top.....but no hand lens. At lunch time we were close enough to the "Flying Fish" restaurant in Preston center...Well... leave no stone lunch we had....Yummo, I highly recommend the shrimp and catfish basket, cannot worry about fried foods at a time like this...I had heard about a somewhat non-descript hardware store in Garland or was it Richardson...Oh well, we  were on our way to check it out.

We did not immediately locate the hardware store, but along the way was a small ice creme shop, the likes of which I have never visited, and.... well... since it was mid-afternoon a small snack was in order. Butter pecan for me in a cup with a yellow spoon (my favorite color...the color of victory) and some kind of mint sorbet for the Debbie. We stopped for a while to visit the lab puppies for sale under a tree in the parking lot, I  made friends with a small yellow lab (once again my favorite color), I gave her a quick bite of butter pecan ice creme and then we had to leave......Debbie had that "I need a puppy" look in her eye.

Finally...we were on our way to the hardware store. And what to my wonder eyes should appear....... what an amazing array of tools and just plane "stuff" of the highest degree, I was in heaven..I was going to buy an incalculable amount of tools, to do what with I shall never know. And then! Standing in the the middle of the aisle was Debbie... with her hands held high full of guessed it...... The hand lens. And best of all the package had a picture of a bug on it! Now I was able to sleuth out these dreaded chinch bugs, lace bugs, and any other bug that was causing damage to plants under my care...I had arrived!

Well I did not get all the tools I wanted and Debbie did not get a puppy (Thank You God For that Miracle). But we had a great time, saw some really cool places, ate some good food and enjoyed each that folks is an urban adventure!!!!

Enjoy the Life...................................

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