Friday, January 14, 2011

The Weather Outside is Frightful..........

Well folks we are in the middle of the Texas winter, you know that time of year when all we want to do is snuggle up to the fire or heater or something warm and dream of sunny days, picnics, and things not of the present. I am often told well it is winter and there is nothing to do in my yard or garden....oh well not so, we have already spoken of taking care of our tools and mulching what about indoor duties? Now is a great time to plan and do research on new perennials or draw beds for seasonal color. Start seeds indoors for Alyssum, Eggplant, Marigolds, Peppers, Petunias, and Tomatoes. I can remember visits to my father in laws house during the winter and he would have flat after flat of tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables starting to sprout....getting ready for spring and the last of the frost.

When the ground is not frozen, which it rarely does here in this part of Texas, you can plant b&b trees, shrubs, and roses...just remembering to water...they still need water even when cold.

If you have a major tree pruning job now is the time to do it, and while you are out doors with the trees you might consider installing a bird feeder. On an outdoor bird feeder purchase or make one that is above ground and not attached to the fence or the house, this will keep the "rodents" from eating all the bird food.

Now is a good time to apply blood meal to the pansies, this does a couple of things, repels the rabbits and feeds the pansies, now everyone is happy.....well maybe not the "wabbits".

Go to the local "discount" bookstore and look for bargain garden, landscaping, and horticulture might be surprised at what you find. Now is a great time to visit your local arboretum, many have excellent educational programs offered during the winter....hey..... make it an urban adventure. Explore the bookstores, many have little coffee bars, shop, drink a legal stimulant...visit the arboretum and to finish the day off with a  visit to that small little out of the way restaurant that you have always wanted to but never did..........and talk about the books and plants you saw at the arboretum......and watch it snow outside.............Spring is coming!!!

Enjoy the Life......

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