Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Water in My Garden......Oh Yeah !

Water Features

What better way to add sights, sounds, and  a completely new element to your garden but with a water feature. That could be a pond, a bubbling gurgling pot, a multi-tiered fountain or simply a bird bath for the flying visitors. The possibilities are endless, included in this short blog are some pictures to start your spring imaginations "blooming", so lets get started........

Now how about water features for small areas something like a feature that utilizes pottery, river rock, and a concealed basin?   Your imagination is the only limiting factor to the design. One of the really great things about a water feature is the soothing sound of running water.

Want something a bit more traditional how about a multi-tiered fountain?

Now for those that want the whole deal...pond, water fall, circulating stream look at the pictures below for the feature in various stages of work:
Rough stages of pond with flag border and
flag bridge.
This is the same pond but with the vinyl liner in place

The completed feature...Wow.. now that is a water feature!!

Well....... this should give you some ideas for your yard, your landscape.......your dreams.

(Photos used: courtesy of CGreen Landscape Irrigation and it's designers...thank you very much)

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