Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Blue Oak.......Are You Kidding Me!!

Quercus laceyi (Q. glaucoides)........Lacey Oak or Texas Blue Oak...

This my friends is a true resident of the Texas hill country, along with the Big Tooth Maple (Acer grandidentatum). We had the pleasure of viewing both of these "Texas Star Trees" a couple weeks ago on a short trip to the hill country.
The Lacey Oak is a medium size tree in good soils and a shrub on poor soils. Full sun to light afternoon shade with morning sun are the best exposures. Lacey oak is tolerant of heat, drought, and high PH soils, but does not like wet feet. Lacey oak will survive on well drained clay soils but prefers well drained limestone soils. Cold tolerance is thought to be good to zone 7.

This tree has much to offer in the nature of a landscape addition. The leaves expand as a soft pink color, turning blue-green as they mature, hence the name Blue Oak. The foliage is seldom bothered by insects or disease. Fall color varies from brown to yellow. The growth habit will vary with environmental conditions, with the ultimate size ranging from 30 to 35 feet in height and spread, making it ideal for those small lots or as a specimen tree.

(Information taken in part from: Texas Extension Service....Field Guide to Trees by Benny J. Simpson and Texas You Very Much!)

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