Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where There Is a Wall There Is a Way

Well is is winter and what better thing to do in the winter than build a wall. Now is the saying "Walls make friends or make better neighbors"?

Oh well, here at C Green Landscape Irrigation we are building some walls, borders, and beds. I started these pictures a day late, but it will be interesting to follow the progress of this wall as it comes into it's "own".

Lots of preparations have already taken place from shooting the grade, to painting the layout, laying re-bar in the trench for the footing, to where we are today. This wall is being constructed of "Oklahoma" chop stone on a concrete base reinforced with steel re-bar. Each layer will be mortared, leveled, adjusted, pushed and pulled, till the finished product is a focal point of the new landscape.

Natural stone walls either mortared or dry stacked, add extra dimensions of color, texture, depth, and contrast to your landscape. Not only are stone walls and borders beautiful, but functional as well, some walls and borders can act as retaining walls, borders for flower beds, and sometimes stone pathways can take you to that hidden part of your garden or landscape. Natural stone architecture takes the normal landscape to the next level (no pun intended) inviting you to see what is around the next corner, or down that stone pathway to your next garden adventure. Stay with us as we daily update the progress of our stone walls and borders.

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