Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name

Knock Out® Rose
A True Winner

This variety of Rose burst forth on the landscape scene some time back and has changed the mind and thought process of some landscapers as to the placement of roses in the landscape. Thirty years ago we were told that  A. roses are never to be used in the front landscapes and   B. should always have a separate bed of their own for proper care and culture.

What a shame for such a beautiful example of color, in some instances blooming 10 months of the year. Now this rose is just that, a real winner, disease resistant, ever blooming, and tough. If my pack of dogs cannot kill them and they keep blooming after being used and abused by the canine group, they are truly a superior creation of the Almighty.

If unpruned, The Knock Out® Family of Roses can easily grow to be more than 3-4' wide x 3-4' tall. Periodic trims will keep them maintained at a smaller size. A once a year cut (to about 12-18" above the ground) in early spring (after the last hard frost) is also recommended for maximum performance.

Knock Out® Roses are easy to grow and do not require special care. They are the most disease resistant roses on the market today! They have stunning flower power with a generous bloom cycle (about every 5-6 weeks) that will continue until the first hard frost. All seven members in The Knock Out® Family of Roses are self-cleaning so there is no need to deadhead.

The Knock Out® Family of Roses are winter hardy to USDA Zone 5 and heat tolerant throughout the entire U.S. They thrive in almost every area of the country. In the coldest regions, they will need winter protection (check with your local garden center to see what method is best for your area).
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I enjoy all the roses, but I am partial to the yellow roses...I know, I know... Texas and all that. The Knock Out® Rose "Sunny" is one of my very favorites, yellow blooms and fragrant too.

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